Email for Life

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What IS Email for Life?

WPI offers free, permanent and private email accounts exclusively for our alumni. This webmail account can be used to keep in touch with friends, be the first ro find out about alumni events, and network with other alumni. When requested, WPI will create an email address like for you. You can then use the account to send and receive emails just like any other email account. If you already have an "" email account, you can access your account HERE.

WPI Email for Life can also serve as a forwarding service. Your "" email address can be linked to any other email address you want - at Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, or maybe your work address. The WPI email address will forward all emails sent to it to the other specified email address. Whenever your regular email address or internet service provider (ISP) changes, all you need to do is change your forward-to email address at the Alumni Information Gateway self-service website, and your emails will follow you to your new address. No more updating friends, family or websites on your ever-changing email address - just update it in one place and you're all set!

How Can I Get Email for Life?

You can get an "" email address now by logging into the Alumni Information Gateway using your WPI ID number and Alumni Information Gateway password. Once logged in to the Gateway, you can set your alumni email name.

If you do not have an Alumni Information Gateway password, and/or do not remember your WPI ID number, request one now.


Now Available: Virus and Spam Filtering

By having your email sent to an address, you can avoid the hassle of spam messages. Many, but not all, viruses are automatically removed by the email system. This is done primarily through the removal of all executable and some types of encoded file attachments (examples include .exe, .com, .hqx, and .uu, to name just a few). The alumni email systems are monitored and updated as new viruses arise by WPI's Computing and Communications Center staff – in short, you get the same benefit from their efforts as WPI students, faculty, and staff.

Spam messages are marked by a special program in such a way that you can configure your email reader (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) to automatically delete or set aside messages that are, most likely, spam. It's not 100% effective at catching all spam, but the amount of spam is greatly reduced by this system. A new feature allows for you to control the different levels of spam that get filtered out by setting up lists of email addresses that should be let through the filter, as well as those that should be thrown out.

Even if you already have virus and/or spam filtering from your local ISP or on your computer, it never hurts to add another layer of protection!