WPIAA President's Corner

Current President: Rachel Delisle '96, '06 MBA

Dear Alumni:

The campus is full of activity now that the students are back. Welcoming the Class of 2019 at the Bridge Crossing on Aug. 26 was an incredibly fun time. Nearly 1100 young men and women crossed Earl, received their beanies and Tech Bibles, and then enjoyed a very delicious ice cream social. I’ve never seen so many of the freshman class participate. And I’ve never heard our cheers so loud. It gives me great hope for the lasting life that our traditions will have. E to the X!!

Despite all this joy, we have also experienced sadness recently in the WPI community. On Aug. 28, Steve Rubin ’74 passed away from complications related to ALS. He had an immensely positive and lasting impact on WPI. Steve’s passion for and dedication to WPI leaves a fantastic example for the rest of us to emulate. Please take a moment, if you haven’t already, to visit the tribute page for Steve. There you can read more about his impact and leave your own memories of him.

Homecoming 2015 is one week away. If you haven’t registered yet, it isn’t too late. There are so many great activities planned that I can’t begin to name them all. I do want to invite you to one that you shouldn’t miss: a celebration and recognition of the past presidents of the WPI Alumni Association. The special reception will be held in the Rubin Campus Center, Odeum, and will begin immediately following the Rope Pull.

I am excited to announce, President Laurie Leshin will be the keynote speaker for the Women’s Forum on Saturday, Nov. 14. The alumnae panel speakers are also confirmed and the student panel is being secured as I write this. Alumnae should keep an eye on your mailboxes for more details along with your invitation to share and celebrate the diverse paths and experiences of our lives. I hope you can join us in being inspired, sharing experiences, and helping to shape the future of The Women of WPI.

One last exciting announcement for this month: I am pleased to share that we are establishing the WPI Hall of Fame to promote WPI and its most successful alumni by recognizing their accomplishments in a prominent manner, and celebrating them and WPI’s exceptional and long heritage of excellence. In the near future we will be reaching out to members of the alumni community to serve on the Balloting Committee. The Balloting Committee will be voting to elect nominees to the WPI Hall of Fame.

I have enjoyed hearing from those of you that have sent emails so far. If you have any feedback or ideas you want to share, feel free to reach out to me atrmdelisle@alum.wpi.edu.

All the Best,
Rachel Delisle ’96, ’06 MBA