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The Career Development Center, in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Relations has launched a new Alumni mentoring program for Sophomores and Juniors. If you are willing to help a student explore the wisdom of the courses they are taking, the types of summer internships they are considering, what they are gaining from their project work, what your career has been like, your role and responsibilities, your industry, and, perhaps, the demands that you see emerging, then we welcome your participation as a volunteer in the STAR Mentor Program.

- As a STAR Mentor, you will be given an account for the STAR Mentoring program on our current web-based system, JOB FINDER.

- Complete the profile that enables students  to determine who, among potential mentors, seems like a prospective fit for them.  

- Students will be expected to initiate contact with you via whatever contact option you  prefer (email, phone, in person).

- In addition to connecting with your Student, we will stay in touch with you from time to time to receive your feedback and suggestions.  

- The CDC will provide both Mentors and Mentees with an Orientation Guide as well as ongoing opportunities to call or email with questions.

- If you have any questions about the program contact us at



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